Algerien – die Büchse der Pandora?

Anfang April, zum Finish des algerischen Wahlkampfs, erschien Yasmina Khadras neuer Roman. Der Autor, der selbst für die Präsidentschaft kandidieren wollte, versetzt darin dem obsoleten System einen wortgewaltigen Todesstoss. Regina Keil-Sagawe befragte ihn zu seinem neuen Buch und dem fragwürdigen Wahlgang...+info

Beste Literaturverfilmung: Ziad Doueiris "The Attack".

Zum Inhalt des Films/Romans: Bei einem Selbstmordattentat in Tel Aviv sterben 17 Menschen. Unter ihnen ist auch die Arztgattin Sihem Jaafari. Ihr Mann Amin (Ali Suliman) steht noch unter Schock, als die Polizei ihn mit unfassbaren Anschuldigungen konfrontiert: Sihem (Reymonde Amsellem) war angeblich kein Opfer, sondern Täterin – sie hat die Bombe selbst gezündet. . ....+info

'The Attack' Wins Frankfurt Book Fair Prize for Best International Literary Adaptation

COLOGNE, Germany – Director Ziad Doueiri and screenwriter Joelle Touma have won the Frankfurt Book Fair's best international literary adaptation honor for The Attack . . ....+info

Yasmina Khadra:"Defendí a Argelia con las armas y ahora lo hago con la pluma"

"Me llamo Turambo, y al amanecer vendrán por mí". Con esta frase comienza "Los ángeles mueren por nuestras heridas", la nueva y más ambiciosa novela del autor argelino Yasmina Khadra, pseudónimo bajo que el que se esconde Mohamed Moulessehoul, sobre la condición humana en la Argelia de entreguerras. . ....+info

El autor argelino Yasmina Khadra deja Francia y se viene a vivir a Sant Joan

«Me llamo Turambo, y al amanecer vendrán por mí». Con esta frase comienza Los ángeles mueren por nuestras heridas , la nueva y más ambiciosa novela del autor argelino Yasmina Khadra, pseudónimo bajo que el que se esconde Mohamed Moulessehoul, que ayer anunció que se viene a vivir a la localidad alicantina de Sant Joan. . ....+info

Novelar lo que sucederá en El Cairo sería contar lo que ya pasó en Argel

Otra vez a vueltas con la Argelia colonial. Cuando Yasmina Khadra, el más prolífico y célebre de los escritores argelinos francófonos, agarra un tema, no lo suelta hasta haberle consagrado varias novelas. Los ángeles mueren por nuestras heridas (editorial Destino) es la última que acaba de publicar, casi . ....+info

«Arabische Regierungen sind lächerlich»

von K. Ramezani, Paris - Auf die Hoffnungen zu Beginn des Arabischen Frühlings folgt Frustration. Der algerische Starautor und Ex-Armeeoffizier Yasmina Khadra erklärt, warum die Region nicht zur Ruhe kommt.. ....+info

The Attack: After a Bombing, a Masterful Thriller

Since it opens with a suicide bombing in downtown Tel Aviv , and since its mystery plot involves an attempt to track down a sheik whose public expectorations call for the slaughter of Israeli civilians, The Attack is most avowedly "about" terrorism. But that's a subject, not the subject. The film, an arresting and upsetting one, is also about love, trauma, and trust, both within one particular marriage and within entire cultures. ....+info

Arab boycott of Lebanese movie filmed in Israel is the ‘height of obscenity

To the 58-year-old, who publishes under the pen name Yasmina Khadra, the Arab League's attitude is emblematic of “how ridiculous the Arabic political elite can be.” “While Syria is going up in flames, Iraq is suffering from countless suicide bombings, and Libya is sinking into disarray, ....+info

The Attack: Terrorism, Love, Trauma, and Trust

Because it opens with a suicide bombing in downtown Tel Aviv , and because its mystery plot involves an attempt to track down a sheik whose public expectorations call for the slaughter of Israeli civilians, The Attack is most avowedly "about" terrorism. But ....+info

Review: 'The Attack' deftly explores emotions after suicide bombing

An Israeli Palestinian doctor (Ali Suliman) living in Tel Aviv has his world turned upside down at the revelation his wife could be the attacker.. . ....+info

The Whole Experience Opened My Eyes

“I'm pissed off,” the Lebanese-born filmmaker says. “They think they're punishing Israel. Well, they're punishing me.” The object of Doueiri's anger is the entire Arab world, where his new film, “The Attack,” has been comprehensively banned, including the land of his birth. . ....+info

First a Bombing, Then a Truth That’s Elusive

“The Attack” opens with the image of a man and woman embracing, the world blurred behind them. Her face to the camera, the woman cries as they hold each other, but it's unclear whether he can see her tears. Her unexplained weeping and the ill-defined backdrop make an apt start for this . ....+info

Montclair Film Festival: Ziad Douieri's point of attack

Ziad Douieri reads a book, "The Attack," by Yasmina Khadra. He sighs, opens the book. Bored. Then he leans forward. . ....+info

En dents de scie

Dix-huitième semaine de 2013. Je verrai The Attack. Le film de Ziad Doueiri. Comme des centaines de milliers de Libanais. Comme, idéalement, des millions de spectateurs. Je verrai The Attack parce que le film est basé sur un roman d'une beauté et d'une puissance hallucinées. Et hallucinantes. L'Attentat, de Yasmina Khadra. . ....+info

Yasmina Khadra: Stací se dívat a chápat

Dnes „mimo poradí“ muj rozhovor z tištených Literárek s alžírským spisovatelem, který tvorí pod pseudonymem Yasmina Khadra a byl hostem letošního Festivalu spisovatelu Praha, a navrch ješte trailer k filmu natocenému podle jednoho z jeho románu, který vyvolal skandál . ....+info

Syuting di Israel, Film Lebanon Dilarang Tayang

Lebanon, Ziad Doueiri, Sabtu (27/4/2013), mengatakan, film hasil karyanya "The Attack" dilarang tayang di Lebanon karena sebagian proses syuting film itu dilakukan di Tel Aviv dan melibatkan aktor Israel. . ....+info

For a Good Time in Los Angeles, COL COA!

Every year in April, the City of Lights (Paris) and the City of Angels (Los Angeles) get together at the Directors Guild of America building on Sunset Boulevard and delight film-loving audiences with a week of French film premieres in Hollywood. The dizzying array of films presented includes new features, shorts, documentaries and classics of French cinema. It's a blast. And since I'm lucky enough to live close by, my husband and I can walk (yes, here in L.A.!) to the festival known as COL COA . . ....+info

Líbano proíbe a estreia de «O Atentado» (The Attack)

O filme libanês de «O Atentado» (The Attack), de Ziad Doueiri, pode até ter tido uma longa e gloriosa carreira nos festivais internacionais, mas no seu país isso não valeu de nada já que a obra foi – como tantas outras – censurada e impedida de estrear . ....+info

Dolores Heredia y Luis Guzmán, en film del francés Rachid Bouchareb rodado en EEUU

El francés Rachid Bouchareb ("Días de gloria", "London river") dirige en Nuevo México su nueva película, "Enemy way" (La voz del enemigo), que dialogada en inglés contará con un multinacional elenco que incluye a la mexicana Dolores Heredia . ....+info

Cousin K may be a small book but it is a giant of a literary work.

I Yasmina Khadra literally means green jasmine and is the pen name of the Algerian author Mohammed Moulessehoul, adopted by him to avoid military censorship—he was at one time an officer in the Algerian army. ....+info

Keitel per Bouchareb

I Harvey Keitel, Brenda Blethyn, Ellen Burstyn e Luis Guzman affiancheranno Forest Whitaker nel nuovo film di Rachid Bouchareb, l'indie Enemy Way . Lo riporta Variety . . ....+info

What the Day Owes the Night Directed by Alexandre Arcady

Presumably because of Alexandre Arcady's similar career trajectory of structuring narratives around the turbulent politics and violent acts in Algeria throughout history, ....+info

Harvey Keitel joins Enemy's Way

The new film from Oscar-nominated French-Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb stars Forest Whitaker as William Garnett, a Muslim ex-con struggling to rebuild his life in a small New Mexico border town after 18 years in prison. ....+info

Harvey Keitel and Ellen Burstyn for 'Enemy Way'

Variety has revealed that Harvey Keitel, Ellen Burstyn, Luis Guzman and Brenda Blethyn have joined the cast of Rachid Bouchareb's next movie in English. . ....+info

La mujer entre Oriente y Occidente

Moshen es un afgano que vive en Kabul. Había iniciado la carrera de Ciencias Políticas porque quería ser diplomático. Se casó con Zunaira, activista universitaria por la liberación de la mujer. . . ....+info

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Saßßat?????a?? st? Hyde Park O e?d???? t?? romcom, Roger Michell, ?????e? ??a a??????? f??µ ep???? ?a? t? ?????te?? e??a? p?? ß??e? t? µe???? st????µa ?a ?a??de????µe t?? Bill Murray st? ???? t?? Franklin Roosevelt! ? ta???a p??t??e? st?? t?e?? ap???s? p?? e??e ? ????? t?? ?as???? , . . ....+info

The Lebanese film that was ‘too Israeli’ for the Oscars

In the middle of his shift as a surgeon at a central Tel Aviv hospital, Doctor Amin Jaafari hears an explosion and rushes outside. It is a suicide attack and, it turns out, his beloved wife Siham is among the fatalities.The plot thickens: In time, Jaafari discovers that she may not have been an innocent bystander. ....+info

Un beau spectacle chorégraphique qui interroge sur les origines et le sens qui leur est donné

Tout jeune, avant de découvrir l'art de la danse et de s'y consacrer pleinement, Hervé Koubi était fasciné par le dessin. Il en conserve aujourd'hui cette même préoccupation dans son travail, son goût pour la construction du geste et sa mise en espace ....+info

Yasmina Khadra: “Mi sueño sería escribir una novela erótica”

Yasmina Khadra es un narrador oral nato que transmitió ayer a los lectores congregados en BCNegra la pasión de sus historias. El tema del encuentro es su nueva novela, ....+info

Yasmina Khadra: "No hay que negociar rescates. Pagar es financiar el terrorismo"

Bajo el seudónimo de Yasmina Khadra (nombres de su mujer), Mohammed Moulessehoul compaginó hasta el 2000, durante 36 años, la escritura con el Ejército, ....+info

Israeli-Arab fights guilt in suicide bomb film

DUBAI - When Universal Studios took a disliking to the script for Ziad Doueiri's Israeli-Palestinian suicide bombing drama, the Lebanese director thought his career was over. . ....+info

Each side has its own narrative

In the wake of the Arab Spring, film-makers are asking tough questions about sensitive issues . ....+info

One Big Murder Mystery

It's a good time to be a Muslim writing about ‘the trouble with Islam', to borrow the title of a recent jeremiad by Irshad Manji, a Pakistani-Canadian lesbian feminist. Readers in the West, especially Americans, are eager to know ‘what went wrong with Islam', as Bernard Lewis delicately puts it, particularly if it can be traced to cultural pathology and envy of ‘our freedom'. ....+info

"The Swallows of Kabul" by Yasmina Khadra

Yasmina Khadra is the pen-name of Mohammed Moulessehoul, an Algerian ex-army officer who while still in the army used this pseudonym in order to avoid submitting his manuscripts for approval by the military censors, due to his notoriety which irritated his superiors. He was encouraged by his wife . ....+info

The Stoning

In charged, present-tense interior monologues, Khadra hurls these four lives at one another. He writes as a kind of village sage, a war veteran whose tales compel passers-by to stop and listen. His sentences are direct and urgent. (''Every now and then,'' we read about Mohsen, ''a mad desire to grab an iron bar and destroy everything in sight surges through him; curiously, however, as soon as he takes his head in his hands, his rage turns into an irresistible urge to burst into tears.'') Images recur: hands, in particular, have wills . ....+info


After 36 years in the Algerian military, Mohamed Moulessehoul knows all about war. But now that he's beaten his sword into a pen, it may prove mightier. Even before he left the Army to live in France, Moulessehoul had started writing under his wife's name to avoid military censors. That he continues to wear the feminine veil speaks volumes about this iconoclastic Islamic author. His latest novel is a surgical strike against fundamentalism more penetrating than anything the Pentagon could devise. ....+info

Water lilies in the swamp

Yasmina Khadra is the pseudonym of a former Algerian army officer named Mohamed Mou-lessehoul. He was still in post when he wrote his first novel, so published under an assumed (and feminine) name to circumvent the military censors. Now retired and living in France, he continues to write about the battles he left behind. He describes his concern for the "issues" of fundamentalism ....+info

The Swallows of Kabul

Yasmina Khadra is the pen name of Mohamed Moulessehoul, an ex Algerian army officer who took his wife's name when he tried to avoid censorship. French is his mother tongue and he now lives in France. His novel, Swallows of Kabul, opens with. ....+info

Yasmina Khadra: «África es el gran desconocido pues no le interesa a nadie»

La Fundación Tres Culturas ha sido anfitriona de uno de los autores magrebíes más de moda de los últimos años, el argelino Mohammed Moulessehoul, exoficial del ejército de su país que, bajo el seudónimo de Yasmina Khadra (se esposa), ha escrito historias que han sido traducidas a más de cuarenta idiomas,, . ....+info

Los principios básicos

Se interesan mis jefes por un autor que no conocen?; se interesan por él como quien se interesa por los problemas de fertilidad de los koalas. Les digo que en el mundo árabe, y no solo, viene a ser como Gabriel García Márquez. Es un hombre que firma con seudónimo  de mujer, la suya, . ....+info

The Attack, by Yasmina Khadra

THE novelist and the soldier can be the same person. Think of Leo Tolstoy and Joseph Roth, examples of singular genius. But there are lesser giants — Erich Maria Remarque, James Jones, Norman Mailer and Joseph Heller among them. ....+info

Yasmina Khadra: “El ser humano se dedica al arte para dar sentido a su vida”

El autor árabe vivo más traducido publica en España 'La ecuación de la vida', retrato de dos alemanes que se dan de bruces con la realidad africana en la peor de las condiciones....+info

I «Versi satanici» offendono La libertà non può calpestare le sensibilità di altri popoli

Yasmina Khadra è lo pseudonimo dello scrittore algerino Mohammed Moulessehoul. Nato nel 1955, è stato un ufficiale dello stato maggiore algerino, testimone diretto della guerra civile che ha devastato il Paese per un decennio. Nell’esercito la sua attività di scrittore non era gradita. Così ha continuato assumendo come pseudonimo.. ....+info

La ecuación de la vida -Yasmina Khadra

Yasmina Khadra este pseudonimul scriitorului algerian-francofon Muhammad Moulessehoul, unul dintre oaspetii de seama ai Bookfest 2012. Cei care-au avut norocul sa-l întâlneasca au descoperit un om cald, întelept, plin de iubire. Pentru umanitate si pentru tot ce-i drept si frumos si pur. Celor care n-au avut aceasta sansa, le ramân cartile lui., .. ....+info

Daca am încredin?a femeii destinul Pamântului, sunt convins ca popoarele ar trai mai bine

Hace ya más de 10 años que se desveló, con gran sorpresa del publico francés, la verdadera identidad de Yasmina Khadra. Lo hizo en su obra autobiográfica El escritor (2001), en la que se supo que, .. ....+info

Middle East crisis in spotlight at Toronto film festival

TORONTO: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has taken a backseat to the Arab Spring recently, but at the Toronto International Film Festival an unusually high number of films shine fresh light on the decadeslong conflict.. ....+info

Yasmina Khadra: „Mondializarea nu aduce decât criza....

Yasmina Khadra este pseudonimul scriitorului algerian-francofon Muhammad Moulessehoul, care a adoptat numele unei femei pentru a-si ascunde identitatea si a evita sa-si supuna manuscrisele aprobarii cenzorilor militari pe când era înca un ofiter al armatei (pâna în anul 2000). .. ....+info

El incandescente desencanto del militar escritor

Los libros del argelino Yasmina Khadra muestran la violencia en los países árabes sin renunciar a la belleza poética. ....+info

Book Review: The Attack by Yasmina Khadra

The Attack by Yasmina Khadra is a fictional book set in Israel and the West Bank. Yasmina Khadra is the nom de plume of Mohammed Moulessehoul, a former Algerian military officer. ....+info

Parution de l'Attentat en Chine.

Yasmina Khadra departs into real romance

An author of gritty novels of corruption and war puts his own unique spin on a romance.
What The Day Owes The Night...+info

Palestinos ir Izraelio konfliktas romane "Kerštas"

Romane "Kerštas" autorius pasakoja apie Palestinos ir Izraelio konflikta. Nagrinedamas tragiškus veikeju likimus rašytojas nešališkai megina atskleisti dvieju nesutaikomu kariaujanciu pusiu motyvus. Izraelio pilietybe . ....+info

Book Talk: Algeria's leading novelist says time for change

ALGIERS, April 14 (Reuters Life!) - Novelist Mohammed Moulessehoul (pseudonym: Yasmina Khadra), Algeria's biggest literary export, has strong views on his native country's cultural life, and on the urgent need for political change. ....+info

Wogende Pferdemähnen

Die Schauplätze von Yasmina Khadras letzten Romanen sind alles andere als zufällig gewählt: Bagdad, Kabul, Tel Aviv. Es sind die Orte des Terrors, die den algerischen Schriftsteller interessieren. Über die Jahre schuf Khadra, der mit eigentlichem Namen Mohammed Moulessehoul heißt....+info

A review of the year - Fiction: From classical gold to future shock

Two of the best novels of the year were by Algerian authors writing in French: What the Day Owes the Night (Heinemann, £12.99) by Yasmina Khadra and An Unfinished Business (Bloomsbury, £16.99) by Boualem Sansal. ......+info

 Zapad se budio u srcu Doline smrti. Kakav jad!

Objavljeno: 11.09.2010

Uhvatio sam se za glavu i gledao u dva tornja blizanca tonuci u kafkijansku fresku, a ona me vracala u odvratne spektakle kojima sam godinama prisustvovao, u vlastitoj zemlji, u Alžiru. Moja se tuga smjenjivala s tupilom ....voir la suite

 Yasmina Khadra's "What the Day Owes the Night"

Algeria, on the Edge

( Weekend Edition September 3 - 5, 2010 )


T he center of Yasmina Khadra's lush novel, What the Day Owes the Night , is a painful story of unrequited love, certainly one of the most powerful and moving depictions of frustrated passion I have encountered in many years.  Although the author uses a ....voir la suite